All coaches must fill out an application and pass safety certifications and background checks to be on the field per league rules. Our children's safety is our highest concern. Our goal is to place coaches by their qualifications keeping in mind that mentorship is a cornerstone of our organization. Red Dirt Football offers a Coaching Clinic at Collision Camp that we highly recommend our coaches attend.

Constructive Communities is happy to partner with parents to bring a new Football Athletic Program into our Triple A Afterschool Program.

This program will be Parent based with policies, to protect the athletes, coaches, and parents. Our goal is provide the very best platform for our players so that these athletes can safely achieve their very best. 

Red Dirt League offers competitive teams as well as an athletic community. Their core mission is to provide these youth with more than just a Saturday game, but a lifetime of friendships as they network with other players from other teams at sponsored events like OU Football Games and Tailgates. 

The Cushing Youth Football Team will practice and have home games in Cushing.